Besides make bad puns.
Voice Editing
A bit of background…

Back in the 90’s, when digital audio was but a pup, I started as an apprentice sound engineer. From there I moved into broadcast, producing national radio shows before stepping up to run the production department. I later opened my own studio specialising in imaging and promo services for radio, as well as offering commercial production and audio post for TV. These days, most of my time is spent in podcasting.

I also had a sojourn into TV as a writer and presenter, but my happy place is in the studio, chopping up waveforms and creating audio magic.

Summing it up: I’m a technical creative, able to put together an array of audio projects, from concept ideation to recording, editing, mixing and mastering. I have an attention to detail that borders on painful, and quite perversely, I really enjoy editing voice tracks. I can also write copy, as well as direct and deliver voiceovers.

Hands down the best technical producer of sound I've worked with in South Africa